Improving the ambient light

The perfect kitchen lighing is the result of combiining natural and artificial light. So, if your kitchen has natural light you should take advantage of it, planning a distribution that doesn’t its passage.

In the kitchen it’s basic retain a uniform and constant light and the best solution is a good distribution of downlights. Once you have the general lighting, it is important to give each zone or area its own reinforcing light.

If you want a more comfortable kitchen add some ambiental light as we did in this kitchen. We have combined three Led 8W lights, Cone Ceiling model by Wever&Ducré, 2700k each in order ti give to the “bar area” a warmer light.

To transformthese three lamps into one cealing lamp, a rectangular ceiling light has been designed with the same metalic color and three holes for the three lamps and with an interior space to house the strips.

Design and composition of JGill Interiorismo.

The final result is an excellent and fantástic lamp individually adjunstable in height in a singels support.

Enjoy you light ¡!!!



Property specifications

Surface: 27m2
Rooms: 1

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