In the 50’s Hollywood lived the stage known as the Golden Age of cinema, Alfred Hitchcock, Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner, James Dean, Paul Newman… among others formed this decade of actors and directors considered essential.

This decade was dominated by Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra, and featured musical genres such as Pop and Jazz, however at the end of this decade Rock and Roll began to be popularized mainly by Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry and Bill Haley.

A very successful industry at that time were the jukeboxes, very popular in American restaurants, as they allowed diners to make their selections without having to get up from the table or “queue” in front of the machine.

Their popularity from the 1940s through the 1960s and into the 1950s especially, made the image of the machines associated with the Rock and Roll music era, which persists today.
So many restaurants or stores with a retro concept have a jukebox.

And here we wanted to reproduce that retro atmosphere, crazy, passionate … that lets the imagination fly.

We have completely renovated the floor and walls with a material that does not pass the years the Microcemento, not having joints creates continuous spaces giving a feeling of spaciousness, with a wide palette of colours. Here we have used the Fume Black on the floor and stairs, fog and copper on the walls.

All this made by the company Topcret.

Diverse furniture such as the Sofa Lily and Bar Rocky vintage Karen, vintage leather stools First Avenue, Sklum bookcase furniture, Jukebox Rock-Ola and Neon Cocktail Dreams thecrazyfifties….

A different touch with the last minute forgotten “lighting”, in this project we used the models SARA on TRACK and SARA on base by Weber & Ducré.


Property specifications

Surface: 45m2
Rooms: 1

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