Integral decoration

Is your home properly renovated to be able to function as a vacation rental?

First, we must prioritize where we invest the money and what kind of clients we are going to have.

The details are very important when it comes to impacting the client.

The first thing to do is to think of a style that most people like and leave aside personal tastes. This idea is very well defined by home staging.

CHOOSE neutral colours such as white, nude, or grey. In addition, they will bring more feeling of space in the house.
Colours play an important role in decoration as well as style.

CLEAR the house of furniture, think that guests usually stay a few days, so you only need space to store suitcases, plus utensils that can be used during the stay.
As with furniture, look for functionality in appliances. Instead of installing an oven that probably won’t be used, add a microwave.

DECORATE with flowers and artificial plants. Flowers bring life and joy to any home and go with any style.

DETAILS MATTER. An extra detail never hurts. There are several details that we can leave to our tenants to make the most of their evening and that will also add value to the home.
A few candles for a couple’s stay, a kit for the bathroom or a simple photographic book, are details that tourist do not usually expect and that they usually appreciate. We must not forget that recommendations in this type of rentals are vital.

POTENTIALIZE the views, they play a very important role in vacation rentals. If you are lucky enough to have views of the sea, a central city or simply a square or park with gardens, your home has a lot of potential.

“A satisfied tenant will not hesitate to recommend your accommodation to everyone.”



Property specifications

Surface: 100m2
Rooms: 4
Number of bathrooms: 2

Do you have a project in mind?

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