The keys to profitably renovate a property and attract the perfect tenant.

“It had just become empty after a family had rented it for 40 years.

This apartment is located in Premiá de Mar, a coastal area of the Maresme.

We can imagine how it was: we found wallpaper, old furniture, small kitchen, old bathroom … in short, a real madness.

We got down to work with the reform.

We started by making an opening in the wall of the kitchen with the living room, so we got lighter into the kitchen, while the living room gained space.

In the completely renovated kitchen, we placed white furniture, countertop and cladding in wood, and the final touch with a soft and fresh green on the walls.

The hallway acts as a distributor corridor from which access to the different rooms.

We took the opportunity to lower a part of the ceiling and to pass new facilities, also helped us to illuminate the corridor area, as it was narrow and dark.

In the bathroom, the original space is maintained: no partition has been removed and only the bathtub has been dispensed with, but the place it occupied is still the same as the shower now occupies.

The sink cabinet has been installed suspended, which brings lightness to the bathroom.

However, the reform of this bathroom has meant turning it around like a sock, and not only looks much bigger, also brighter and, of course, more attractive to rent.

The white colour in the ceilings, accompanied by another neutral tone on the walls are used in this house.

Final objective achieved; it was rented on the first visit!


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